VIDEO: Designer KEI Live Draws Hatsune Miku

Plus a brief Q & A with KEI

Continuing to step up the promotion for 39ch Youtube content, Hatsune Miku's official channel now features a video of the vocaloid's original designer, KEI, drawing the character and answering a set of fan questions.



The Vocaloid wiki explains

Crypton had the idea to release Miku as "an android diva in the near-future world where songs are lost." WhenKEI illustrated Miku, he was asked to draw Miku as an android and a color scheme to go off of (based on YAMAHA synthesizer's signature blue-green color). Crypton also provided KEI her detailed concepts, however, Crypton says it was not easy to explain what a "Vocaloid" was like to him, and KEI says he could not create an image of a "singing computer" at first, as he did not even know what a "synthesizer" was. It took him more than a month.  The digital design on Miku's skirt and boots are based off synthesizer program colours and the bars represent the actual bars within the program, following Crypton's idea. Part of her design seems to be based on Yamaha's keyboard model DX-100 .


Miku was originally intended to have a different hairstyle, but KEI stuck to pigtails after trying them out. Her pigtails have since become a iconic status of her design. On June 22 2012, Hatsune Miku's Twin tails even earned her the title of the Twin Tail which best represented the 2000s, marking her the best set of Twin Tails in the dawn of the 21st century. She now shares her twin tail distinction with other characters like Sailor Moon (who won best Twin Tails for the 90s period).


The thin squares around her pigtails are futuristic ribbons made of a special material that float in place. As seen in Kei's art for Miku, they are able to hold Miku's pigtails in place without having to physically touch the hair itself. The ribbons are also reported by Kei to be the hardest item on the character's design for cosplayers to recreate.



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