Japanese Travel Agency Specializing In Cosplay

Take a tour to an ideal location for a photoshoot

Cosplayers in Japan seem to have more oppotunity to enjoy their hobby than cosplayers here, but in reality, many cosplay events have a strict rules against being in cosplay in public outside of the event. There are a lot more photo studios specialized in cosplay for rent, but that is because many locations that would make a great cosplay photo are not welcoming to random photoshoots in general.


To solve all of the problems above, there are travel agencies specifically booking travel for cosplay photoshoots. Cosplan is one of them. On their official site, the tours are called "Cosplay Camp" and an interested group of 7 or more can either choose from the travel agency's pre-made camp plans at various locations or completely customize a camp.


For example, if you choose a location to be a gymnasium for your photo shoot, there are 6 locations to choose from as below.



Cosplan camps come with photo permit and arranged lodging, so all you have to do is to supply your own costume and a photographer and you are good to go. As an added bonus, the camp usually come with not just the gym as a location, but other locations such as a BBQ area, a beach and other places you can use for photo shoots as well.


Cosplan sets rules and regulations to prevent accidents and to oblige Japanese law, for example, no real Military, police and firefighter uniforms (except for Hetalia cosplay), no dangerous props and overly sexual posing.


Check out some cosplay photos from the shoot using Cosplan's camp on their blog.

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