Kuroko's Basketball OVA Screen Caps and Voice Actor Comments

Watch the Generation of Miracle in their Teiko Middle School days

The Kuroko's Basketball official site has been updated with new screen caps and comments from the voice acters after recording the OVA tited "22.5Q  Tip-Off" which will be included in the series 8th Blu-ray and DVD.




The OVA will tell the story of the time before the Generation of Miracle become a legend in Teiko Middle School, when Kise Ryota first joined the school's basketball team.




The rumor has it that there will be scenes of Kise as a model in the OVA.  Kimura Ryohei, the voice of Kise says he enjoyed playing a slightly different Kise from the main story line.




What lucky item would Midorima have? Ono Daisuke, the voice actor says he got to like the Generation of Miracles even more after recording "Tip-Off".




Aomine is still looking pure and innocent. The voice acter Suwabe Junichi says that he did his best to act as "Pure-mine".




Momoi as a team manager. Orikasa Fumiko, the voice of Momoi says that she was happy that Aomine-kun was nice and easy going.




Murasakibara and Kise are wearing the same Teiko PE shirt. Suzumura Kenichi, the voice of Murasakibara had fun recording the episode because the story was not as intense since the time was set at Middle School.




Akashi-sama is SO Akashi-sama even in Middle School. The voice of Akashi, Kamiya Hiroshi says he still struggles to act as Akashi because very little information about him is available, but it's getting a little easier as Akashi has more scenes in the manga.




Kuroko looks happy with his team. Ono Kensho, the voice of Kuroko hopes the fans will enjoy the scenes from the OVA where Kuroko and Kise plays in the same team.



Kuroko's Basketball BD/DVD vol. 8 will be available in Japan on February, 22nd.

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