Official "Kuroko's Basketball" Wallpaper Reposted

All 32 characters are available again for a limited time

Are you getting enough Kuroko's Basketball news lately?


Shonen Jump's official Japanese site was counting down the days till the release of vol. 21 of the Kuroko's manga by posting one wallpaper a day featuring a character for 32 days. It was fun logging into the site everyday saying "Oh, it's Kaijo's coach today XD" and "When will it be Aomine's turn!?" with other fans while it was going on, but a decision has been made to repost all of them again! If you missed any of them, now it's your chance to collect them all here.


Some characters and scenes may contain spoilers, so be careful!



2/2/13 Aomine Daiki



2/3/13 Hyuuga Junpei



1/18/13 Kagami Taiga



1/4/13 Kuroko Tetsuya

1/5/13 Takao Kazunari

1/6/13 Kiyoshi Teppei

1/8/13 Murasakibara Atsushi

1/14/13 Kasamatsu Yukio

1/15/13 Momoi Satsuki

1/21/13 Kise Ryota

1/26/13 Midorima Shintaro

1/27/13 Aida Riko

2/4/13 Akashi Seijuro


Knock yourself out! They are available until Sunday, 17th, Japan Time!


© Fujimaki Tadatoshi / SHUEISHA Inc.

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