Test Your Luck With Japanese Snacks!

Something fun to look for when in a Japanese grocery store

How  familiar are you with Japanese snacks?


From the ever so popular Pocky to cult favorites Chocorooms and Chococones that can ignite a war between fans against each other, there are tons of Japanese snacks you can find at your local Japanese / Asian groceries. Do you think every package sold are identical? Well, some companies decide to add a little fun to their snacks by mixing a "rare item" for consumers to find.


Happy Turn by Kameda Seika


Happy Turn is an oval shaped rice cracker with magical seasoning powder that gets fans hooked (I know it sounds bad, but that's how they market their snack). Once in a while, you find a heart-shaped rice cracker in the package.  Fans like Takamatsu Shinji, the Director of Gintama talked about finding it as you see in his twitter. He tweeted about getting the lucky cracker once, wishing for the success of Gintama movie in 2010. He found another heart on February 11th this year. If I were him, I would wish for the relase of the second Gintama movie within this year.




Meiji Chocobaby


If you are lucky, you will find smilies and stars.




Pino Ice Cream, not sure if this is available in the US.



Star Pino, called "Wish Star Pino" as you see here.



Not a snack, but Yebisu Beer also has a special packaging where there are two snappers instead of one. It is said to bring a good luck in business.



More links and photos available on this NAVER list.

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