"Ys I & II Chronicles+" Gets Ready for Steamy Valentine's Day Launch

Collection hits Steam on February 14, available for discounted pre-order now

Yeeeah, baby, turn down those lights. Light a candle and bust out the sensual massage oils, because XSEED is getting in the romantic mood for Valentine's Day. Uh huh, yeah, that's right, they're releasing Ys I & II Chronicles+ on February 14. Where? Oh, baby, you know where. Steam


XSEED penciled in a February release back when the collection was first announced for PC, but now we have a concrete date to look forward to. Both games are completely remastered, and can be pre-ordered now at a 15% discount off the $14.99 price. 


Some of the improvements include a variety of soundtrack options—choose from the original FM synth sound, a MIDI-style version, or a full metal interpretation recorded by Falcom's in-house JDK band—customizable graphics settings, achievements, leaderboards, Steam Cloud support, decorative screen frames, four difficulty levels, and an optional Boss Rush mode. 


Here's the synopsis: 


Developed by renowned RPG house Nihon Falcom, Ys I & II follow the tale of wandering swordsman Adol Christin on an adventure to rid the land of Esteria of a horrible blight. Once known as the ancient land of Ys, ahistoric kingdom protected by goddesses and rich in mystical power and wealth, Esteria was settled by hardy inhabitants who established prosperous port towns and humble fishing inlets. But this peace was short-lived, and soon word spread of a looming darkness – confirmed by the appearance of horrendous monsters (first few, then many), swarming and destroying all of Esteria in their wake. Told to seek out the six books of Ys to reveal the key to defeating this evil, Adol ventures forth boldly, not knowing his very arrival had been written by the fates many centuries before. 


And a trailer: 




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