"Capcom Arcade Cabinet" & "Darkstalkers Resurrection" Not Coming to Wii U

Both titles previously announced for PS3 and Xbox 360

In the latest edition of "Ask Capcom" on the Capcom-Unity portal Capcom SVP Christian Svensson attempts to answer the question of why Capcom's most recent announcements in the Capcom Arcade Cabinet and the previously announced Darkstalkers Resurrection would not be heading to the Wii U.


Darkstalkers Resurrection


In his trademark style, Svensson answered the question thusly while dropping a hint about a new title besides Monster Hunter Tri: Ultimate and Resident Evil: Revelations, this one for the eShop.


To answer your question more clearly, the projects in question were conceived of and started before having visibility into the digital Wii U market or Nintendo's policies/vehicles pertaining to digital. Fear not though. Wii U eShop fans will have things to look forward to in the future.


As the Wii U is facing a dearth of system-selling titles at the moment, the fact that two of Capcom's most anticipated digital titles will not be available on the nascent platform is being seen as a genuine cause for concern, though it does explain why Capcom didn't announce the aforementioned titles for the console.


Capcom Arcade Cabinet


Do you think Capcom has an obligation to release both Darkstalkers Resurrection and Capcom Arcade Cabinet on the Wii U, or is the despair being voiced for those titles not being released on the console overblown?

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