Sega Partners with Mobile Developer, Targets International Markets

First game from team-up with Aiming is action-shooting RPG Towa no Tsurugi

Sega Networks, Sega's division in charge of mobile and social game development, is teaming up with Tokyo-based smartphone developer Aiming in a new publishing agreement. The report comes from this week's issue of Famitsu magazine, in which Sega also discusses plans to reach out to the international market with these titles. 


The first Aiming game Sega Networks will be publishing, an action- shooting RPG called Towa no Tsurugi, is due to hit Japan in early March. Aiming president Tadashi Shiiba explains the hook, describing it as being in the style of an overhead 3D multiplayer online RPG, but with battles adding a shooter twist to the mix. 


Here's a trailer:


Early registration for Towa no Tsurugi kicks off this week in Japan, but Sega is also targeting international markets. The partnership with Aiming will reach out across Asia first, but plans have Sega's sights on the West, too.


Shiiba commented on this, saying, "Sega's branding power is just as strong in the US marketplace as it is in Japan, so I think Sega would know more than anyone else how to tackle the American market."


"Once we fully entered the smartphone era and people worldwide got access to the same pool of titles," said Sega Networks director Haruki Satomi, "they started to become hits in the West as well. If we can produce a high-end title right now, when people are really starting to pay attention to Japanese smartphone games, I think we can get a lot of users to play it." 


It remains to be seen how successful branching to the US and beyond will be for this partnership, but we'll be sure to keep you posted as release plans develop. 


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