VIDEO: "PreCure All Stars New Stage 2" New Trailer Posted

5th PreCure All Stars film hits Japanese theaters on March 16th

Warner Mycal Cinemas, one of the largest Japanese cinema chain with 60 theaters and 496 screens as of December 2012, has posted a new trailer for the highly anticipated anime film PreCure All Stars New Stage 2: Friends of the Heart on its official YouTube channel. This new trailer includes the characters from the newest PreCure TV series Dokidoki! PreCure and two original fairies for the film, Enen and Gureru, for the first time.


The 5th PreCure All Stars film features 32 PreCure girls hits Japanese theaters on March 16th. It has not been confirmed yet if all of the girls have speaking lines this time. According to voice actress Rie Tanaka's Twitter post on January 28th, at least Shiny Luminous/Hikari Kujo from Furari wa PreCure Max Heart has some lines in the film. 



The movie flyer


I've already bought the advance ticket with a pink-color party bag.



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