"Girls und Panzer" Valentine's Day Event Cancelled

Gyarupan chocolate flyer event gathered too many fans

As previously reported, Girls und Panzer held the flyer distributing event on February 14th in Akihabara. The series had few events before and people didn't expect anything will be different this time around. Well, it was quite different this time.


TsurumiRobo Blog reports on what happened with photos.


Two cosplayers were there to give away 2 kinds of Gyarupan fliers. Originally, 4 sessions were scheduled.



The back of their costume.



Look at all these people lined up for the first round! It gathered as many as 240 people and the crowd probably attracted the attention of police. As the event progressed, it became an obstacle on the public street as many people tried to take photos of the cosplayers or tried to get flyers from them.


The third and the fourth session were cancelled to avoid more chaos on the public street. The blog speculates the event did not expect to have this many people since it was on a weekday and the events they had in the past were never this popular. The last giveaway event they had was before the release of the anime series.



As a compensation for the cancelled event, the official site posted a link for fans to download one of the flyers.

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