"Haganai" Sena Kashiwazaki Figure Serves as "Meat" in Bowl of Udon

Odd figure display from Wonder Festival figure event

There were all sorts of odd and disturbing figures at last weekend's Wonder Festival figure expo, from a pencil sharpener where you put the pencil someplace unmentionable to replicas of protesters from Japan's radical leftist student movement. S.B.M.'s figure of Sena "Meat" Kashiwazaki in a bowl of udon soup has the virtue of being safe for work... if a bit iffy from a gender politics point of view.


The figure of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai/Haganai character, clothed in a swimsuit, was displayed in a bowl of noodles with replica leeks, boiled fish and cucumber.



There was also a display of a polychromatic version in a fragrance dish


via AkibaBlog (NSFW!)

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