It's Not V-day, It's "Umai-bou Day!"

Singles on the internet rebel against Valentine's Day in Japan

Are you a "Ria Ju" type of person?

"Ria Ju (リア充)" is a Japanese term used to describe people whose "realty (Real リアル)" is "content (充実 Jujitsu)", meaning they have many things to look for in their life, most importantly having a significant other. For that reason, Valentine's Day is a day for "Ria Ju" people.

The antonym for "Ria Ju" is "Hi-Ria Ju (非リア充)", or "Hi-Ria (非リア)" for short, literally "Not" Ria Ju. For the longest time, Hi Ria people felt neglected, pressured and belittled by this Ria Ju event that is called Valentine's Day.

Last year, a group who calls themselves "Forever Style" started a movement to replace Valentine's Day with "Umai-bou Day". Umai-bou is an inexpensive and popular Japanese snack, that also makes frequent appearances in anime shows such as Gintama and Kuroko's Basketball.

The group campaigned on the internet to urge Hi Ria to go to Lawson convenience stores and buy all of the Umai-bou flavors (except for the chocolate one).The plan was as detailed as requiring all participants to obtain receipts made out to "Forever Style" with the name "Tokyo Imasu" and having a code word when running into another participants at the stores.

The movement quickly spread through out Japan thanks to the internet and the result was 380,000 units of Umai-bou being purchased with 3,600 people participating in total.


Some photos of Umai-bou purchased last year:






A Lawson store after the raid





And they are back this year again for Hi Ria people to give them something to do.




It will be a war again at convenience stores. Will there be a day when February 14th is widely accsepted as "Umai-bou Day"? We will see.


UPDATE - someone already uploaded a video of him purchasing Umai-bou at a convenience store.


Towards the end of this video, he shows off a hand-made chocolate tart that he received from his male friend (which is a common practice in Japan, called "Tomo-Choco, a friendship chocolate) which was infused by chilli.


Ria Ju or Hi-Ria Ju, hope you have a fun day today!


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