New "Ixion Saga DT" Merchandise Revealed

Fan event in March will have lots of new items available

The Ixion Saga DT official twitter posted photos of their new merchandise available for the fan event planned in March.





Hokaze Kon T shirt with Mariandale mascot




"Konbika" god pendant with Sainglain mascot


The tail of Pet strap with Pet mascot



Fabric cellphone case with Almaflora mascot



Tamatsukure Hot Spring Bath Salt with Kon mascot


Incognito Rubber Strap set


DT & ED Hair band with Ecarlate mascot



The fan event is appropriately titled "Right Before The Last Episode! 'Symposium' to discuss the future of Ixion Saga DT" with the name of the event making a reference to the male organ. Official event page


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