New iPhone Camera App "Kenstagram" Adds Muscles To Your Photo!

Add some muscle to your Instagram-style photos!

A Japanese iPhone app developver, BeCreativeBeHappy, has relesed a new iPhone camera app named "Kenstagram" for free.


According to Apps! review of the app, Kenstagram is a camera app that lets you take and edit your photos with 10 different artistic photo filters that are similar to the popular Instagram app. What makes this app unique is after you finish editing, you will always see a Centaur, a part human, part horse figure from Greek mythology. Why? Who knows.


The developer posted screen shots on their blog.


The Centaur appears on the finished photo and ask you if you are satisfied. If you are, the photo will be saved to your album. The Centaur design appears in random order within the photos.






If you are interested, this app is also available for free in US iTunes as well. You can read in the description why the developer decided to make this app.

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