"Uta No Prince Sama" Tweets Again On Valentine's Day!

Surprise event from Shining Office let the fans celebrate the special day with the Princes

It was a total surprise when this was tweeted at 1:08pm on Valentine's day, Japan time.




This Jinguuji Ren's official tweet was soon favorited 5,085, as my own twitter timeline got filled with the cry of joy by UtaPri fans. Some background on the accounts below.


Uta No Prince Sama previously had a twitter event called "Shining Xmas" on last year's Christmas, where each of the idols belonging to Shining Office opened an official twitter account and tweeted for 24 hours to spend the holiday together with their fans.

The event was very successful at making the fans believe their favorite idols really existed, at least on the net. The role play was perfect and even the technical aspect of it was considered as switching "tweet from" information according to the situation.

For example, Tokiya was on PC when he tweeted to Natsuki that he will come to help, and later tweeted from his cellphone after helping his fellow idol. After the event, the official twitter accounts were supposed to be deleted, but Shining Saotome decided to keep them open for the fans.


This Valentine's Day twitter event had the same sensitivity to the credibility with increased focus on Jinguuji Ren, since it was his birthday. All the Princes tweeted their sincere thank yous to the fans for Valentine's Day messages and gifts, then all of them got together to wish Ren a happy birthday (even Masato, I might add)!








Birthday messages to Ren.








Masato tweeted that he will make some desserts as his thank you to the fans and asking for any request.


Final product:


Shining is also grateful to the fans.


Ranmaru leaving for work.



Natsuki uploaded his drawing.


Ai tweeted Natsuki's drawing again since Natsuki is technically-challenged.


Reiji came home with Otaya and Ran to relax.



Sho's birthday gift to Ren. He loves Ryuya too much.



Ren sharing a photo from his private trip to Italy.


Ringo Sensei saying Valentine's day is a great event for guys.



You can see each of these tweets received at least 2000 favs and some are getting more than 9000. Based on the fan's actual reaction, we can expect this event to happen again.


See the full tweet list at the Shining Office Official site.


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