VIDEO: Vocaloid IA Sing About Her "American" Dream

New hit from one of the newer vocaloids

Released in January 2012, IA is a Vocaloid3 based on Lia of visual novel Air fame, with design by Aka Akasaka (D. Z.).  Her latest hit from popular producer Shizen no Teki-P also known as Jin! concerns her dream about "America."  



From the translator

This song is not a part of the Kagerou Project.

This song is a part of the album「IA/02-COLOR-」.

This song features both IA and some very vague and confusing lyrics. It seems pretty disjointed, but the overall theme I got is possibly the great American dream. In addition to this, the illustration features several nods to American cinema and symbols of pop culture, so perhaps the randomness of the lyrics and the ad libbing at the end can be attributed to the random illustration, in that it's not supposed to make sense~ Or on a completely different possibility, the song could just have meanings I completely missed because of my high school Japanese knowledge. (I'm doing it at Uni this year so I'll get better I promise.)

My favourite songs from Jin are Konoha's State of Affairs and Imagination Forest, so if you haven't listened to them before, I definitely recommend checking them out.


Jin original upload:

「IA/02-COLOR-」Official Website:

IA Project Channel:



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