Natsume Sets "Mystic Chronicles" RPG for Western PSP Release

16-bit style RPG comes to Sony's old portable this summer

Natsume is planning on bringing a slice of old-school-flavored RPG goodness to the west in the form of Mystic Chronicles, the PSP port of an iOS RPG known as Fantasy Chronicles. Styled after the 16-bit era of role-playing games, Mystic Chronicles is getting an all new localization, and will debut on PSP this summer. 


The story follows Lux, a boy adopted by a small village who goes on to protect his home by joining the Guardians Guild. Lux's destiny changes, however, when he meets a young girl. Characters have allies in Guardian Beasts, which can be swapped out, and players can set their combat AI to offense, defense, or healing. Characters fight under player control while Guardian Beasts act independently during battle.



Natsume will also be releasing Carnage Heart EXA on PSP in North America as a PlayStation Network download. 



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