"Final Fantasy Versus XIII" is Finally Here… in Perfume Form

Play Arts Kai general manager teases Noctis perfume

It's understandable if some of you have lost all hope for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but fear not, because its name has popped up once again! Just… not in the way you might expect. Hidemi Matsuzuka, General Manager of Square Enix's Play Arts Kai figure brand, tweeted an odorous image that teases Versus XIII themed perfume.




Following in the footsteps of Cloud, Sephiroth, and Lightning, princely Versus XIII protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum appears to be getting his own perfume, as well. Noctis eau de toilette may not be what everyone was hoping to see next from Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but at least there are still some signs of life out there. 


Via Gematsu



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