"Disgaea Dimension 2" Lets You Sail the Item Sea

Nippon Ichi expands the concept of the Item World

The Item World—which involves players entering items, defeating enemies, and clearing floors to level up said items—is one of the Disgaea series' strongest and most addictive concepts. Nippon Ichi is expanding upon that idea in Disgaea Dimension 2 with the introduction of the Item Sea


The Item Sea is exactly what it sounds like, too. Your party can encounter pirate ships and travel to various islands, where you might even run into a boss and some tremendous treasure. 


According to Nippon Ichi, Asagi will be in Disgaea Dimension 2, and there will also be downloadable items. Codes for Love Get Sword, Love Shotgun, Hate Charge Bow, and Hate Burn Spear will be included in a Player's Navigator book for the strategy-RPG, and, as the names suggest, the items in question affect relationships between those holding them and the rest of the group. 


Disgaea Dimension 2 hits PlayStation 3 in Japan on March 20.



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