FUNimation Delays "Last Exile: ~Fam The Silver Wing" Home Video Release

Multiple month delay only days after official announcement

Remember how I reported last Friday that Last Exile: ~Fam The Silver Wing was going to be released in late April and everyone was all excited about the dub cast being confirmed?


 Last Exile Fam logo


Well, you can forget about the excitement as new listings from online retailer RightStuf have confirmed that the series has now been delayed and rescheduled from its original April 30th release... all the way to September of this year, with no formal explanation as to why the series was delayed.

 Last Exile Fam 1


Sure, I did the "right thing" and emailed Funimation to confirm whether the RightStuf listing updates were correct as well as requested a reason for the delay yesterday afternoon, but I was only given a confirmation of the listings as being correct and Funimation is refusing to comment specifically on the delay this morning.


Last Exile Fam 2


So, after all that, all we are left with is wild speculation on why the series was delayed after being announced so publicly during a convention and with an embargo on the cast and home video details, only to have the details change within days. Yeah, it makes mine and everyone else's job harder, but there's not much anyone can do to avoid it.


With all of that said, how many of you were looking forward to new Last Exile on Blu-Ray?

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