VIDEO: Oh Shoot! Someone Gave Excitable Otaku Idol Shokotan Nunchucks!

Also, a docomo commercial featuring Shokotan cosplaying as Haruhi

Eccentric personality/voice actor/idol singer Shoko Nakagawa, AKA Shokotan, has been doing a bit of promo work lately. She cosplays at Haruhi Suzumiya for docomo's anime store, and she's in a new ad campaign for Quick 1 instant noodles. In the actual commercials, she's just a hungry office lady, but in the promo events, the ever enthusiastic Bruce Lee fan is wearing a Chinese dress and showcasing her nunchaku skills.


Promo event


A display earlier in the month


The actual noodle commercials


The Haruhi docomo commercial


Her anthropomorphic noodle girl sketches...


And, of course, her blog has been home to plenty of weirdness.




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