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New "Magi" Jewelry Line Introduced

Japanese jewelry brand "inner core" introduces its new Magi line of jewelry


Japanese jewelry brand "inner core" introduced a line of Magi jewelry which will be available in April. Which metal vessel would you like to reside if you were a Djinn?



Magi Rukh Earrings 2,730yen

White Rukh


Black Rukh


All Magi jewelry comes in this special box



Magi Rukh Necklace 5,040yen






Magi Silver Pendant 1 Aladdin  7,140yen

Magi Silver Pendant 2 Alibaba Saluja  7,140yen



Magi Silver Pendant 3 Judar  7,140yen



Magi Silver Pendant 4 Sinbad  7,140yen




Magi Silver Pendant 5 Ja'far  7,140yen



Magi Stone Bracelet  3,990yen each





"inner core" also introduced Fate/Zero line of rings as well.

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