Popular Drama CD Franchise "Diabolik Lovers" Gets Anime

Handsome Vampire jerks are on to your blood in anime, too


Started as a highly successful drama CD franchise and branched out into handheld games last year, now it will be an anime. Diabolik Lovers features six handsome vampire brothers who are absolute jerks and girls seem to love them. The teaser site was opened on February 18th with "2013 Coming Soon" in it.


Sakamaki Ayato



Sakamaki Kanato


Sakamaki Raito



Sakamaki Shuu



Sakamaki Reiji



Sakamaki Subaru


The original drama CDs are produced by a Japanese otome game brand, Rejet, who have already released 10 volumes and each of them features a wicked senario that usually involves a bleeding of the main character (in other words, you, the listener).  We have to see how that will be reflected in anime.

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