Japan Unveils Digital Camera Disguised as a Donut

Buy 'em by the dozen?

The long and noble list of Japanese inventions that shook the world (karate, the compact disc player, and karaoke to name three) has a new addition today as the digital camera shaped like a donut arrives to bring a big gaping smile to your face.



The Geanee Donut Camera sells for about US$67.00 bucks. Sure you could use those funds to invest in nearly sixty actual tasty treats from Dunkin Donuts, but (*spoilers*) real donuts don’t come equipped with 3 megapixel sensors, USB ports or Micro SD support. THIS ONE DOES.



There are also built-in effect filters, video camera functionality, and A DONUT HOLE FOR A VIEWFINDER. And just think of all the fun you can have after getter a gander at this promo images that not only use the alternative spelling “Donutes”, but show the little guy carefully camouflaged next to a coffee cup and tucked in front of a trio of regular donuts.



Don’t be fooled. It is watching you and knows all your secrets.


Source: RocketNews24



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