T. M. Revolution Shows Off Crossdressing Skills In Magazine

Japanese magazine "Can Cam" featured TMR in spring women's fashion

This is not the first time Nishikawa Takanori of T. M. Revolution was seen in female clothing. He has already done an album jacket dressed as a woman, cosplayed Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and made KPP jealous because he looked good and his choice of costume for his shows are always on the borderline of gender. And he can easily pull all of it off.



His newest adventure is a magazine spread for a popular Japanese female magazine. What do you think?





Can Cam magazine




A fan created this collage of TMR while making a point that Nishikawa san is 42 years old.




Which reminds me of this collection of photos of Japanese men in their forties.



TMR is coming to US as a Guest Of Honor at Otakon in August.


Source: NAVAR

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