VIDEO: Miku Sings a Movie Opening For The First Time

Murakami Takashi's first movie uses Hatsune Miku for its opening theme

Japanese pop artist Murakami Takashi offered Vocaloid princess Hatsune Miku the opportunity to sing the opening theme for his first movie, Nari nari reports. This will be the first time a Vocaloid is used for a movie opening theme.


The movie is titled "Mememe No Kurage" and it will use "Last Night, Good Night" by creator kz's solo project, livetune. The song is arranged for the movie's use and you can listen to the part of this exclusive version in the movie's trailer, just released on Friday.





Original version






"Last Night, Good Night" was first released in 2008 and earned more than 1,600,000 views online. Director Murakami directly requested Miku for his movie's theme song. The movie tells the story of friendship between a boy and a creature that takes place in post-earthquake Japan.


While many Miku fans received the news favorably, some fans are expressing concern that Miku's exposure in the larger scale (meaning, exposure to non-otaku people) may increase criticism.


"Mememe No Kurage" will open at selected theaters in Japan on April 26th.

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