Japanese Shonen Manga/Anime Magazine Circulation Date (October-December 2012)

Even the most popular magazines are loosing their readers

JMPA (The Japanese Magazine Publishers Association) published the latest report for the circulation date for the major Japanese magazines on its official website on February 19th. The data covers the three months period from October 1 to December 31, 2012. The numbers in the list are for the copies printed by the publishers, not net paid circulation. So they may include some amounts of returns from bookstores, comic stores, and newsstands.


According to the date, even the most popular manga/anime specialized magazines in Japan, Shueisha's Shonen Jump and Kadokawa Shoten's Newtype dropped in circulation from the same period of 2011, especially Newtype lost a huge 27% in one year. In the Shonen Manga list below, only Ultra Jump (Hayate X Blade, JUMBOR), Gessan (Mitsuru Adachi's MIX), and Shonen Sunday Super rose from last year. Will manga/anime print media survive in Japan? What's your opinion?


Shonen Manga Magazine 

  (compared with the same period of 2011)


Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) 2,827,693 (-17,307)

Weekly Shonen Magazine (Kodansha) 1,404,834 (-67,250)

Monthly Shonen Magazine (Kodansha) 724,667 (-30,333)

Coro Coro Comic (Shogakukan) 630,000 (-103,334)

Weekly Shonen Sunday (Shogakukan) 520,334 (-45,250)

Jump Square (Shueisha) 345,000 (-5,000)

Bessatsu Coro Coro Comic Special (Shogakukan) 145,000 (+-0)

Ultra Jump (Shueisha) 66,667 (+3,667)

Gessan (Shogakukan) 65,000 (+21,333)

Magazine Special (Kodansha) 60,667 (-3,333)

Shonen Ace (Kadokawa Shoten) 52,667 (-15,000)

Monthly Shonen Rival (Kodansha) 49,125 (-2,875)

Shonen Sunday Super (Shogakukan) 32,334 (+18,667)

Dragon Age (Fujimi Shobo) 23,000 (-6,334)

Sunday GX (Shogakukan) 19,000 (-1,667)

Monthly Shonen Sirius (Kodansha) 11,167 (-833)



Anime Magazine


Newtype (Kadokawa Shoten) 80,334 (-29,666)

Animedia (Gakken) 64,834 (-17,166)

Animage (Tokuma Shoten) 60,450 (-4,884)

Megami Magazine (Gakken) 40,334 (-11,833)

PASH! (Shufu-to-Seikatsu Sha) 29,834 (+84)

Newtype THE LIVE (Kadokawa Shoten) 17,000 (-3,000)

Seiyu Animedia (Gakken) 16,367 (-3,967)


Source: JMPA (The Japanese Magazine Publishers Association)


Shonen Jump image © Shueisha

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