Manga Author Tweets Anime Request, Gets Tweet from Light Novel Author

A mangaka asked on twitter what anime to watch, never expecting the original author to reply

One of the great things about Twitter is you can ask random questions and equally random people reply back to you. When you are a known Mangaka, a manga artist, and have more than 10,000 followers, it's hard to always know who is replying back to you, right?


That's what happened to Tanaka Keiichi sensei, popular for his R rated comedies with an art style inspired by Osamu Tezuka . His art style is recognized by the Tezuka clan, as Rumiko Tezuka, the daughter of the father of manga, gave a reccomending comment on one of Tanaka's manga saying "We can accept Lion King, but Taknaka Keiichi is unforgiven."


One night, Tanaka tweeted asking what anime he should watch. I'm sure he received a flood of replies, and one of them was this reply saying "If you don't mind, please try Bodacious Space Pirates."




Tanaka replied just like how he would reply any other tweets saying, "I dropped it after the first season (^^;)."




After the reply, the person politely replied back again saying "I am sorry to hear that, but thank you for your reply. I enjoyed Hanasaku Iroha. Or Kamisama Kiss more recently."


Little that he knows, the person who recommended Bodacious Space Pirates was the author of the light novel, Sasamoto Yuuichi himself. Tanaka later tweeted an apology.




There is no drama due to this since Sasamoto Sensei is acting very civil, showing his class.

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