"Metal Gear Rising" DLC Includes Talking Solid Snake Sword, Playable Wolf, and More

Platinum Games also adds more VR missions, playable Jetstream Sam

The main campaign of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is already plenty insane—and Nate Ming and I think it's pretty rad—but Platinum Games described some of the equally nutty DLC we can expect. Though there's no time frame listed for all of it, one of the downloadables is a talking wooden sword called "Soul of the Snake" that speaks like Solid Snake when used. Yep.



There are also 30 more VR Missions coming exclusively to PlayStation 3, as previously reported. They sound pretty cool, too. One of them strips Raiden of his sword and throws him into some side-scrolling beat 'em up style gameplay. 


And then there's Jetstream Sam, the samurai who serves up one of Revengeance's handful of memorable boss fights. This time around you'll be able to control him and dole out the punishment yourself.



Finally, a third batch of DLC will let you play as another great Revengeance character, IF Prototype LQ-84i, AKA Wolf. Frankly, I was hoping his presence in the game would be more akin to the dog in Shadow Dancer, but I'll take the opportunity to play as him any day. 


Via Joystiq



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