New Capsule Hotel In Akihabara With First Class Cabin Concept

A capsule hotel with first class hospitality, the hotel says

Anyone who's traveled on budget to Japan may have thought about using it or even used it. Capsule hotels, are  tiny "capsules" for cheap for travelers to sleep in to save on lodging costs while traveling. How do you combine lodging on a budget and a "first class" concept?


Akihabara Shinbun reports that a hotel chain called "First Cabin" will open their second location in Tokyo in Akihabara in June.



The hotel has a concept of "First Class Cabin" and calls themselves a "compact" hotel, instead of a capsule hotel. They offer two types of cabins.


First class cabin, 4.2 sq. meter (approx. 45 sq. feet)

4,800~5,900 yen overnight


Business class cabin, 2.5 sq. meter (approx. 27 sq. feet)

4,500~4,900 yen overnight


Services they offer and the website says there is free Wi-Fi.
First Cabin has 3 locations in Japan so far, one near Haneda airport, one in Osaka and one in Kyoto. Would you stay there on your next travel to Japan?
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