Couple Who Met At Otaku Dating Event Get Married

Otaku-only dating events produced a wedding for the first couple to marry out of their events

Meeting someone who shares your interest is not so easy when your interest is somewhat unique. People in Washimiya in Saitama, Japan came up with a solution. Otaku dating events that are called "Ota-Konkatsu".


Today's Japanese word is "Konkatsu", which means "activities to find a partner for marriage". "Kon" is an abbreviation for "Kekkon (marriage)" and "Katsu" is for "Katsudou (activity)". When Konkatsu is specifically targeted toward Otaku, it is called "Ota-Konkatsu".


Washimiya in Saitama, Japan is considered one of the sacred places for Lucky Star fans since Takamiya shrine in the show was modeled from Washimiya Shrine. Taking advantage of the fame, the Washimiya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Division started organizing "Ota-Konkatsu" dating events for Otaku singles in 2010, as an effort to revitalize the town. Past events include, a cosplay dating party, an anime song karaoke party, and a mock-otome game style role playing party completed with a staff cosplaying as Zetsubou Sensei.

The average success rate of becoming a couple at a regular dating event for regular people is about 20%, but these otaku specific events have been reaching as much as 50% couple making rate per event. And finally, the first couple from Ota-Konkatsu got married, Mantan Web reports.

The couple met at Ota-Konkatsu party held in 2011 and officially married on paper in 2012. The Washimiya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Division received the news and learned the couple was not going to have a wedding due to their financial situation, so they offered a Shinto wedding at Washimiya Shrine and a wedding party on them. The couple tried to decline the offer to be polite, but the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Division did not back down. The wedding was held at Washimiya Shrine with a voice message from Fukuhara Kaori, the voice of Hiiragi Tsukasa, and a surprise gift of an illustration board from the author of Lucky Star, Yoshimizu Kagami.

Congratulations and wishing for the best of Otaku life for the happy couple:)

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