More "Plump" Girls Showing Up In Manga

In the very weight conscious society of Japan, will it be a new definition of cute?

Weight and appearance are both very sensitive issues in Japanese society regardless of age and gender.


But in the world of manga, where any character can be any size perfectly, plump and chubby female characters are getting more spotlight recently, Natalie says.




"Pochamani" by Hirama Kaname is about a love story between a chubby girl and a handsome guy who can only love round girls. Da Vinch also mentions "Manekoi" by Moritaishi in the same subject, noting its sub-heroine with the round figure (the girl with glasses in the image below).




Here are sample images of Japanese comediennes who are talented, plump and stylish at the same time and very popular.


Watanabe Naomi

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Yanagihara Kanako

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When it comes to a round heroine in manga, I think of "The Kabocha Wine".



The definition of roundness and the ideal body types are very different in Japan compared to the US and I personally feel the tolerance level is a lot lower and also it is socially acceptable (though not appreciated) to make a remark on other's weight in Japan. It is a sensitive issue here, too, so please be mindful when you comment. :)

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