Moe Guide to Corpse Forensics May Be the Worst Manga for Lunch Time Reading

A glance inside some educational, if very morbid manga

This was an interesting find from Akihabara's Comic Zin. From an anonymous doctor who has gone on to write professionally published essay manga about hospital life, here's a self-published moe guide to forensic examination of human corpses.



"Let's look at your corpse now" describes the characteristics and phenomena observed in a variety of dead bodies during judicial autopsy.

As well as explaining what readers may have seen in other manga, such as the reasons for the visible blood vessels in this walker from I am a Hero.

An explanation of bleeding, or lack there-of from corpses.

Description of wound shapes

Depiction of head wound

Description of what happens to the neck during a hanging

Description of how the body takes a fighter's position when burned

Hydrostatic lung test - used to determine cause of fetal death

More than one edition of these have been brought to Comiket the last couple years.


via Akiba Blog (NSFW)

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