A Fan Creates Amazingly Cute Handmade "PreCure" Character Bags

So far 18 PreCure bags and more to come!

Toei Animation's long-running magical girl anime series PreCure originally targets pre-school children at the age of three to six. But just like Toei's another magical girl series Sailor Moon, the series is also intriguing enough to keep the adult anime fan's attention. A Japanese amateur creator CureLicca is one of them. She has been creating handmade bags featuring each PreCure characters' costumes and has posted the photos of them on her blog since September of 2012.


So far, she has made 18 bags featuring Cure Black, Cure White, and Shiny Luminous from Futari wa PreCure Max Heart (2005-2006), Cure Bloom and Cure Egret from Futari wa PreCure Splash☆Star (2006-2007), Milky Rose from Yes PreCure 5 GoGo! (2008-2009), Cure Blossom, Cure Marine, Cure Sunshine, and Cure Moonlight from HeartCatch PreCure! (2010-2011), Cure Melody, Cure Rhythm, Cure Beat, and Cure Muse from Suite PreCure♪ (2011-2012), Cure Heart, Cure Diamond, Cure Rosetta, and Cure Sword from the on-going series Dokidoki! PreCure (2013-). Of course she is planning to make the bags for all of the PreCure girls in near future including PreCure 5, Fresh PreCure!, Smile PreCure!, and Cure Echo from the 4th All Stars movie PreCure All Stars New Stage: Friends of the Future which was released in Japan in March of 2012. Which PreCure bag do you like the best?


*All of the bags' photos are posted with the creator CureLicca's permission. Thank you CureLicca-san!


18 PreCure bags (20cm x 30cm)!!



Cure Black bag


Cure White bag


Shiny Luminous bag


Cure Bloom bag


Cure Egret bag



Milky Rose bag


Cure Blossom bag


Cure Marine bag


Cure Sunshine bag


Cure Moonlight bag




Cure Melody bag


Cure Rhythm bag


Cure Beat bag


Cure Muse bag





Cure Heart bag


Cure Diamond bag


Cure Rosetta bag


Cure Sword bag



Source: CureLicca's blog


PreCure images © ABC/Toei Animation


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