"PlayStation All-Stars" DLC Comes Free with "God of War: Ascension"

Buy the game and get a voucher for Isaac Clarke and Zeus

Sony recently revealed two more DLC characters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyaleDead Space's Isaac Clarke and God of War's Zeus—but didn't provide details on cost and availability. Well, it turns out both characters can be yours for free if you purchase God of War: Ascension


When Ascension is released on March 12, it will come with a voucher for Isaac and Zeus, redeemable on March 19. Without the game, the characters will be on PSN for $4.99 each. The new Graveyard stage, which mixes MediEvil and The Unfinished Swan, can also be purchased on March 19 for $1.99.


The video from yesterday was an extended clip with commentary from SCEA Lead Game Designer Seth Killian. Here are two shorter character intro videos for Isaac and Zeus. 





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