Silly T-shirt Pays Tribute to Ultraman Monster "Jamila"

Everybody did this with a regular shirt if you grew up watching there's an official shirt

There are various Ultraman monsters that have appeared in the series over the years, but few still remain in fans hearts. Monsters such as Baltan Seijin (Alien Baltan) Twintails for example. Jamila has to be one of the most imitated monster as well as Baltan Seijin because of its form.


For visual lerners, a visual example of how to immitate Jamila, found on this blog.


Akita Shoten is taking pre-orders of a special T shirt to commemorate the 20 years anniversary of Jamila's passing in collaboration with Tsuburaya Productions. The T-shirt is priced at 5,250 yen, and will be available in May.


Front design.



So you can do this.



Beloved monster Jamila will forever stay in fans' closet, and in their Facebook albums, most likely.



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