New Free "Hetalia" App Tells Your Personality Type By Country

Released on March 1st, this app is for iOS

Anime!Anime! reports on a new Hetalia: Axis Powers app that has been released by Frontier Works Inc. on March 1st in Japan. Just a note, it requires a Japanese iTunes account to download this app.



Once you launch the app, it will give you 27 statements about your personality and you choose one answer that is closest to who you are from "1. Never," "2. Not really," "3. Sometimes yes," "4. yes," and "5. Definitely yes."




After answering all the questions, you get this screen, so you click the type in red for the result.



The result is in! If you get the image below, you have the personality of Italia (I got this one). Pastaaaaaaaaaa.


Some of the 27 statements already remind you of a certain character from the show. After you finish checking your personality, it maybe fun to try to get your favorite character, if you understand Japanese. TOKYOPOP has released two Hetalia apps available in US so far.

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