VIDEO: Vocaloid Gumi Stars in "Megpoid the Music♯" Promos

Plus a bit more bonus fun with the green haired virtual virtual singer

 Make room Hatsune Miku, Megpoid vocaloid Gumi is getting her own dance rhythm game, Megpoid the Music♯. Ahead of its March 28th release, a new preview movie and store specific promos have been released. 



Special Lawson convenience store promo


Joysound karaoke promo


Stores such as Animate, Sofmap, and Lawson will be getting their own "Rooting for OO! Cheerleader” costumes

Songs include:


Song NameEnglishProducerLinks
Ame ga Futte. It is raining. rerulili NND/YT
Koi wa Kitto Kyuujoushou☆ Love is Surely Soaring☆ Noboru↑-P NND/YT
Megu Megu☆Faiaa Endoresu Naito Megu Megu☆Fire Endless Night samfree NND/YT
Rozetta Rosetta [email protected]日P NND/YT
Kitchin de Kappa ga Tanishi Yude Teru Kappas are Boiling Slugs in my Kitchen Ieno Urade Manbouga Shinderu-P NND/YT
Tsugi Saku Hana no Iro wa   Takanon-P NND/YT
Jinsei Risetto Botan Life Reset Button kemu NND/YT
Mozaiku Rooru Mozaik Role DECO*27 NND/YT
raid of glass raid of glass maya NND/YT
Kiritorisen Cutoff Line 40meterP NND/YT
Ama no Jaku A Born Coward 164 NND/YT
Rappa Fuki no Shounen The Trumpet-Playing Boy PIROPARU NND/YT
Zutto Kono Mama   rerulili NND/YT
Juu Mensou Ten-Faced YM NND/YT
Disutopia Jipangu Dystopia Zipangu [email protected] NND/YT
Matsuri Hayashi Festival Music buzzG NND/YT
Aitai I Want to Meet You Signal-P NND/YT



Speaking of Gumi, her recent Graffitist has been subtitled


Meanwhile, there's a great new version of her Miku duet Matryoshka 


and a pair of notable new songs




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