Mobile Undies Available In March UPDATE

Does your iPhone look too naked? Well, there's an undie for that.

Is your iPhone looking too naked? Do we have an urge to protect what's most used on our mobile device?


The following image was retweeted so much in Japan.


This poster says "Protect your Home button." Seriously.


Bandai will release the world's first "underwear for your smartphone" called Smart Pants in March. These special underwear will be availeble as prizes for Capsule toys. Nari Nari reports that this became so popular already that the pre-order page for this capsule toy says sold out. Just for the record, I was not able to find the pre-order page on official Bandai shopping site.


Is this an early April Fools? We will see.


UPDATE - I was able to find the pre-order page! Bandai was serious!

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