New Butler Cafe In Nagoya Receiving Big Attention

The cafe is expected to open sometime this year

Butler Cafes seem to still attract lots of attention even after the first one opened in Japan in 2006. Some people speculated that they were a phase and it will fade away like everything else, but many survived by finding their uniqueness in the food industry in Japan. And now, a new Butler Cafe in preparation to open this year in Nagoya is creating a buzz on internet.


This tweet about the cafe was retweeted.

Translation: A butler cafe called "Butler's House" will open in Nagoya. I went to their home page and it's interesting. Their wanted page says applicants in their teens and twenties can not be a butler. They can only be a footman, a doorman or be a supporting cast. All butlers will be in their thirties to fifties. Who can be happy about this? ME!!!"


This was retweeted 11,396 times by March 1st, Japan time and the official twitter account of Butler's House is almost reaching 7,000 followers at current time. 


Other than the age requirements, applicants are also asked for previous experience in the food and hospitality industries. The cafe is also hiring maids, but they are not looking for Akihabara-style "Moe, moe, kyun" maids. To apply as their maid, you have to be over fifty and the responsibilities include taking care of the children of the guests.


The expectation is high and it certainly looks like Butler's Cafe is setting a higher standard and trying to differentiate themselves from all the other butler cafes that are mainly catering towards the growing female "Otome" audience. I personally think this is a great concept and may even help with Japan's increasing unemployment rate among mature workers, but it's still all in the talk of preparation. Their website was set up so they can use the data for requesting investment. I certainly hope they can realize their dream. And I subscribed to their email magazine to support, with full intention of visiting the cafe when it opens:)


Source: NAVER

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