Postponed "Kuroko's Basketball" Duet CD Release Date Announced

Fans can now rest assured the rest of the series will be available on March 27th

Lantis postponed the release of Kuroko's Basketball character song series in October last year. The rest of the SOLO series were all released on December 10th, but the dates were still not set for the popular DUET series, until NOW!


Kuroko's Basketball Character Song DUET series vol. 4 and vol. 5 will be released on March 27th. Weekly Jump has announced the new release date in its March 4th issue. The below photo is taken from Weekly Jump in the January 29th issue, showing the album jacket for DUET series vol. 4, Kuroko Tetsuya & Anomine Daiki, and vol. 5, Hyuuga Junpei & Kiyoshi Teppei.



DUET SERIES Vol.4  Kuroko Tetsuya (Ono Kenshou) & Anomine Daiki (Suwabe Junichi)
Song titles: 1. Hikari To Kage No Kyori (The Distance Between light And Shadow), 2. Ray Of Shine

DUET SERIES Vol.5 Hyuuga Junpei (Hosoya Masayoshi) & Kiyoshi Teppei (Hamada Kenji)
Song titles: 1. Arigatou No Kawarini (Instead Of Thank You), 2. HERE WE GO!!


Kuroko's Basketball has been releasing character songs in a complete series, there are 12 solo songs and 3 duet songs released so far.



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