New Miss Universe Japan is also a Mangaka

She is a model and a mangaka...a combination never seen before in a beauty pageant

A beauty queen living a double life....a life of a model and a mangaka! It almost sounds like a manga or an anime plot, but that is the life of the new Miss Universe Japan, Matsuo Yukimi.



Matsuo has been working as a model for 8 years while she does her mangaka work on the side. She registered herself to the Miss Universe contest hoping to spread the love of Japanese manga to the world. In fact, one of her manga was about be picked up by a website, but she had to put a hold on the project since she passed the selection to be entered in the contest. She says the website said that they will wait until the contest is over for her manga to be published.




Growing up, it was always easy for her to express her feelings by drawing instead of words and her family always complimented her work. She also says the type of guys she likes is guys who are into manga! Her ideal man is Leorio Paladinight from HUNTER X HUNTER. Oh yes, she is one of us.


Source: Mainichi Kirei

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