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"Vividred Operation" versus "Strike Witches" versus "Girls und Panzer" Battle Royale Poll

Who's the fan favorite heroine of the three creative staff associated series

Here's a bit of trivial fun. Strike Witches and Girls und Panzer share designer/illustrator Humikane Shimada and military adviser Takaaki Suzuki. Strike Witches and Vividred Operation share director Kazuhiro Takamura. Given this, the anime fans at Biglobe decided to transitively associate the three and rank their heroines.


1. Strike Witches' Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen

2. Strike Witches' Erica Hartmann

3. Strike Witches' Gertrud Barkhorn

4. Strike Witches' Sanya Litvyak

5. Vividred Operation's Himawari Shinomiya

6. Strike Witches' Charlotte E. Yeager

7. (tie/group pick) Girls und Panzer's Miho Nishizumi

7. (tie/group pick) Girls und Panzer's Saori Takebe

7. (tie/group pick) Girls und Panzer's Hana Isuzu

7. (tie/group pick) Girls und Panzer's Yukari Akiyama

7. (tie/group pick) Girls und Panzer's Mako Reizei

12. Strike Witches' Perrine H. Clostermann

13. Strike Witches' Yoshika Miyafuji

14. Strike Witches' Lynette Bishop

15. Strike Witches' Francesca Lucchini

16. Strike Witches' Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke

17. Strike Witches' Mio Sakamoto

18. (tie/group pick) Girls und Panzer's Anzu Kadotani

18. (tie/group pick) Girls und Panzer's Yuzu Koyama

18. Girls und Panzer's  (tie/group pick) Momo Kawashima

21. Girls und Panzer's (tie/group pick) Noriko Isobe

21. Girls und Panzer's (tie/group pick) Taeko Kondou

21. Girls und Panzer's (tie/group pick) Shinobu Kawanishi

21. Girls und Panzer's  (tie/group pick) Akebi Sasaki

25. Vividred Operation's Wakaba Saegusa

26. Vividred Operation's Aoi Futaba

27. Vividred Operation's Akane Isshiki

28. Vividred Operation's Momo Isshiki

29. Vividred Operation's Rei Kuroki

30. Vividred Operation's Mizuha Amagi



Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.

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