VIDEO: Former FBI Profiler Defends Video Games in Violence Debate

CBS' public affairs show "Face the Nation" addresses debate

The question of whether video game violence fuels real world violence continues to loom large in the public debate. CBS' public affairs show Face the Nation addressed the subject this week, and supporters of the medium will be happy to see what was said in the discussion. 


Mary Ellen O’Toole said: “As a former FBI profiler, we don’t see [video games] as the cause of violence. We see them as… fueling ideation that’s already there.”

Texas A&M International University psychology professor Christopher Ferguson stressed that his extensive research has found no definitive link between video games and violent behavior, and likened the current climate to the 1950s when comics were blamed for juvenile delinquency:


[W]hen new media come out… they tend to go through a period of what we call moral panic, in which they are blamed for all manner of societal ills….We may see some people sort of starting with a conclusion and trying to assemble data in a very selective way to try to support that conclusion.



via The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund


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