POLL: Japanese Women Choose Top 20 Reasons To Go Out With Otaku Men

Do you otaku men posses those qualities Japanese women believe you do?

What qualities do otaku men have that attract females to them? Goo research polled 1,072 Japanese women for their top 20 reasons to go out with otaku males. The poll was conducted in January of 2013 and here are the results.


The original Japanese article starts out by saying "Otaku males are often sterotyped as 'unattractive', but they have their charms!", so I am guessing it is written with some kind of bias, but nonetheless, let's see what charms those women think Otaku males posses. Images are for reference only and has no relation to the result of the ranking.


Top 10 reasons to go out with Otaku males


1. Always Faithful (100)





2. Knowledgable of IT stuff (93.4)




3. Down to earth and not flashy (83.6)




4. Less likely to waste money on drinking, high brand or gambling (83.1)




5. Potential to shine if gets polished (73.7)




6. Their shyness is cute  (71.4)




7. Not desperate for female attention (67.6)





8. Knowledgable about many things  (63.4)




9. Understanding of Otaku hobby  (45.1)




9. Particular and have their way of doing thngs (45.1)




11. No smothering since they are busy with their hobby (39.9)




11. Look very lively when it comes to their hobby (39.9)




13. Logical and speak with perspective (37.1)




13. Able to show their world that others are not aware of (37.1)





15. Social circle is not too big  (35.7)





16. Easy to take the lead of the relationship due to lack of experience  (32.9)




17. Not much baggage and trauma from past relationships due to lack of experience  (30.5)





18. Resourceful with topics of conversation  (30.0)





19. Able to dress them up in any way since they have no preference (24.4)




20. No complaints when spending money on hobby (23.9)



What is your reason to go out with otaku men / women?

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