VIDEO: New Device from necomimi Makers Selects Music by Reading Your Mind

"mico" to debut at the SXSW trade show in March

neurowear, the Japan-based inventors of necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears are in the process of rolling out a new mind-controlled gizmo.


The name is “mico”, a device that (according to official PR materials) “frees the user from having to select songs and artists and allows users to encounter new music just by wearing the device. The device detects brainwaves through the sensor on your forehead. Our app then automatically plays music that fits your mood.” A handy instructional video explains the process below…



mico will make it’s “world premiere” at the South by Southwest convention in Austin, Texas  from March 8-13. In the meantime, neurowear has enlisted otaku scenester and Furby hacker Julie Watai to try out the very first demo.



I wonder what kind of music “mico” would select from my subconscious… My guess is somewhere between idol music and Norwegian death metal. Now how about you?




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