Get a Ride in a "Girls und Panzer" or "Love Live!" Car

Oarai mini-van and Alphard G luxury minivan decal-eled up

Two special presentations itasha are grabbing the attention of fans of cars and cute. Ikebukuro's Toyota Auto Salon Amlux Tokyo's is showcasing a Alphard G luxury minivan, decal-eled up with the  Love Live! girls. While the exhibit is running through March, you can even rent an itasha for a ride at 1000yen ($10) for sixty minutes. 




Meanwhile, Girls und Panzer home town Oarai has a Anglerfish servicing the area. 


Speaking of GnP, a pretty awesome fan ema prayer plaque 


and chibi earphone jacks



via Moe Ota-News Sokuhō


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