T.M.R. Sings Golden Bomber For "Wii U Karaoke" Promo

Nishikawa covered GB's "Memeshikute"

T. M. R. aka Nishikawa Takanori tried Nintendo WiiU Karaoke for the latest commercial and sung a hit song by Golden Bomber, "Memeshikute".




Just in case you are not familiar with the original song by Golden Bomber, here is the video.



Golden Bomber, a Japanese V-kei air-band gained huge fan base due to their V-kei looks, hilarious songs and the "unique" play style to say the least. Even though the vocalist writes all the songs, no one actually plays an instrument in the band, so they play their songs' karaoke track as mp3 on iPod for their shows. What do the band members do on stage since there is no need to play the instruments? They "air-play" and entertain audience by making cardboard crafts, for example.


Anyways, here comes Nishikawa singing "Memeshikute" on WiiU karaoke. With WiiU, you can Karaoke at the comfort of your home and participate in the national ranking and he is trying just that.



Hitting every note perfectly, maybe even better than the original singer of Golden Bomber!


I already know what you want to say. He is wearing short pants!!


After singing, he is waiting for the national ranking result.


The video does not show the number, but it doesn't look like he got the number he thought he would get.


Check out Nishikawa's singing at the official site.


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