"Imouto/Little Sister" Bars Owner Arrested in Osaka

"In order to survive in this very competitive girls bar industry"

As you know, "Imouto" (little sister/younger sister) is one of the most popular genre in today's Japanese pop culture. There are so many business opportunities associated with it. But these guys went a bit too far. On March 8th, Sonezaki station of Osaka prefectural police arrested five men including a 38-year-old man who was the owner of "Imouto" bars in Osaka-city on suspicion of violating the Entertainment Business Act. The owner was accused of employing two females in their 20s to serve the customers in their 50s as their little sisters (probably calling them "Onii-chan") without permission around 9:50 pm on March 6th.


He managed two Imouto bars in the city, one called "Little Sister's Bar: My Room" in Doyama-cho, and another one called "Little Sister's Bar: My Classroom" in Sonezaki. Just like typical maid cafes in Japan, the female employees greeted the customers saying "Okaerinasai" when they entered the bars.

The girls' cosplay in sailor suits (school uniforms) and police woman's uniforms were also very popular.

The owner has admitted his guilt and said, "We had no choice but to dress the girls with the flamboyant

costumes in order to survive in this very competitive girls bar industry."


Source: MSN Sankei west


Sister Princess (Kaho) image © Amahiro Naoto/Kimino Sakurako/Ascii Media Works/SisPri Production Committee

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