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A lot went down this week, but little could muffle the deafening squeals over KyoAni's instantly unforgettable Animation Do Swimming Anime CM. Something tells me the fans want more where this came from… That's not all that hit CR News, though, so read on for the full recap!


Below you'll find a bevy of hot stories, features and video posted throughout the week. But that's not all. We've also compiled a few stories we missed, so be sure to check those out, as well. 


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New Miss Universe Japan is also a Mangaka

POLL: Japanese Women Choose Top 20 Reasons To Go Out With Otaku Men

Funny Fan Reactions to "That New Swimming Anime"

"Fairy Tail" Manga Author Tweets English Language Message for Anime Fans

Mister Donut Releasing Hello Kitty Donuts



Vertical Looks for Fan Support for "From the New World" Novel License

"Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag" to Reach Land on October 29

"One Piece" Figures Get a Bit Mixed Up With "Punk Hazard Arc" Smoker and Tashigi Set

Aniplex of America Announces "Oreimo 2" Anime License

Rumor: Yu Suzuki Entertains Continuing "Shenmue" via Kickstarter

Yamakan Returns for "Lucky Star" Spin-off "The Miyakawa Family's Hunger"

"Harvest Moon" Creator Reveals New Game Called "Hometown Story"

Japanese Snack War On Twitter: Chocorooms vs. Chococones

Sixth "Resident Evil" Movie Planned for September 2014 Premiere

Next "Tomb Raider" Film to Fall in Line with Game Reboot

Kimono Pattern Makers Collaborate On Lolita Fashion

Hatsune Miku Helps You Order Domino's Pizza with New App

Chapter of "One-Punch Man" Manga Turned into Incredible Animated Gif

Sega Asks If You Want "Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F" in North America and Europe

Read Unlimited Marvel Comics on Your iOS Device for $10 a Month

Latest Promo Art for "Photo Kano" Anime

Latest "Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods" Preview Images

Megpoid English US Release Event In San Francisco

Latest "Attack on Titan" Anime Visual and Cast Listing

Mister Donut Releasing Hello Kitty Donuts

English Version of Hatsune Miku VOCALOID Software Set for Summer Launch




Column: "Natestalgia!" -- Jaw-Dropping Video Game Graphics Through the Ages

Kimono Pattern Makers Collaborate On Lolita Fashion

Anime Viking Review: "GJ Club" is the Best Anime of the Season

Fanart Friday - Face of the Game Edition

"Tomb Raider" Review



"Higurashi: Outbreak" Anime Promo

British "Princess Mononoke" Stage Play to be Performed in Tokyo

Former FBI Profiler Defends Video Games in Violence Debate

New Device from necomimi Makers Selects Music by Reading Your Mind

"Atelier Ayesha" Hits North America, Gets New English Trailer

America Shows Off Its Take on Mecha in "Iron Man 3" Trailer

Japanese Trailer for "Iron Man: Rise of Technovore" Anime

What If the Makers of "K-on!" Did an Anime for the Ladies?

Two New "Pokémon Best Wishes! The Movie: ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens" Promos

Mega Man Art Show Features Holographic Dr. Light Capsule

Fan Film Gives "Harvest Moon" Games a Gritty Movie Reboot

How to Turn Your Closet into a Voice Acting Sound Booth

Domino's President Makes Hilariously Stilted Hatsune Miku App Presentation

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Transforms into Alien Invader in New CM



Donkey Kong also got ripped off for an iOS game [Destructoid]

Armored Core: Verdict Day Set For September [Siliconera]

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Moves 120,000 Copies [Siliconera]


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